Biographical Outline of Fernandella Brazoria Lincecum Roberts (1840-1933)

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Fernandella “Della” Brazoria Lincecum was born 3 July 1840 in Lowndes County, Mississippi to Garland R. Lincecum and Emmaline Jones. By the time Della was six years old, Garland had moved his family to Caldwell County, Texas. This is where she would marry John C. Roberts, son of Alexander and Sabra, on 9 August 1857.

Della and John would eventually have seven children, 6 boys and 1 girl:  Jacob Garland, Alexander, Daniel Brazos, Louada, James T., John B. J., and Sullivan Ross. At least two of her sons would have her listed on their death certificates as Della Linscomb.

Fernandella Lincecum Roberts died at the age of 93 years on 9 September 1933 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.  She was laid to rest in Lincecum-Roberts Cemetery, the sacred land first owned by her father, in Caldwell County.  50+ years went by without a tombstone to mark Della’s grave.  Roberts descendants got together and gave her one some time around 1985.  An image of this granite marker is available on FindAGrave.

Individual Facts:

  • Residence:  1846 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Census:  9 November 1850 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Census:  20 June 1860 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Occupation:  June 1880 / Keeping House in Caldwell County
  • Census:  12 June 1880 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Census:  8 June 1900 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Census:  10 May 1910 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Residence:  April 1919 / Dale, Caldwell County, Texas
  • Census:  2 January 1920 / Wilson County, Texas
  • Census:  9 April 1930 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Address:  September 1933 / 319 Stieren St., San Antonio, Texas


  • From Mrs. Della Roberts’ “Widow’s Application for a [Confederate] Pension” — “I am the widow of J. C. Roberts, deceased, who departed this life on the 25th day of March, A.D. 1919, in the county of Caldwell in the State of Texas.”

    “I was married to him on the 9th day of August, A.D. 1857, in the county of Caldwell in the State of Texas.”

    The “Mortuary Warrant” application for the government to cover burial expenses (image at right) submitted by Della’s son S. R. Roberts provides a physician report: “Fractured Right hip, Senility, Arteriosclerosis, & Chronic Myocarditis.”

    *Digital images of Della’s eight-page Confederate widow’s application are available online in the Alabama, Texas and Virginia Confederate Pensions, 1884-1958 database at Ancestry.

  • From death certificate:
    Cause of death = Fracture of Rt hip (10 mo ago)
    Contributory = Senility & Myocardial failure
    [Regarding hip fracture] Accident; injury date 9 Nov 1932 at San Antonio (home). “Pt. fell & fractured Rt. hip.”

Visit Fernandella Brazoria Lincecum’s page in the Lincecum Lineage database.

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