Andrew B. Campbell (1834-1916) and Family

Just some quick Lincecum Lineage database news: I updated pages for members of the Andrew B. Campbell family, which includes four marriages and ten children.

Andrew was my 4th great-grandfather. I often see him with the middle name of Boling, but I’ve yet to find it on anything besides other family trees. Andrew was likely born 24 August 1834 in Tennessee to Johnston Campbell and Martha “Patsey” Andrews.

Andrew was in Massac County, Illinois by 1853 when he married Louisa M. Johnson. This couple would have at least ten children. A son, Thomas Henry Campbell, was my 3rd great-grandfather.

A. B. Campbell served in Company K, 29th Illinois Infantry from 1862 to 1865. He would marry three more times before his death on 27 February 1916 in Massac County. The Civil War service is reflected on his headstone in Lower Salem Cemetery.

— Lower Salem Cemetery at Massac County, Illinois. Image by Amanda Trill (2012).

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Grandpa’s Little Picture Booklets

My grandfather B. J. Lincecum (1932-2014) was a diarist and picture-taker. Though his modus operandi changed with the times and technology, as far as I can tell he practiced those two family history chronicling pastimes for the bulk of his life. He was also a regular sightseer and traveler, so his images didn’t always only involve family.

— Some of B. J. Lincecum’s Picture Booklets

Though I’ve been through some of his photo albums before, I’ve only just begun delving into these picture booklets. I adore them for many reasons, of course, but a big one is each booklet tells a little story.

Here’s a picture of B.J.’s son (my dad) by a river “on the way to Marrakech,” taken when the family was stationed in Morocco.

— “Mike by the river on the way to Marrakech. We stopped by road to ‘rest.’ Was very pretty view.”

And here’s a crude image of the Saadian Tombs from the same 1957 trip to Marrakech (side-by-side with C. Messier’s work at Wikimedia Commons.)

What about a fun outing to a ballgame? Grandpa was at Sportsman’s Park / Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri in 1956.

— Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, in 1956.

Or we can get a peek into something a little closer to home. Delta (Cape Girardeau County, MO), where my great-grandparents owned and operated Lincecum Grocery, had to deal with a bit of flooding the latter part of May 1957. The bottom image in right side of collage shows their storefront.

— Delta, MO flooding in May 1957.

I treasure each image, and would like to share them with those who follow Lincecum Lineage. It is unlikely, however, that all will make it into the database. So I invite you to follow me on Twitter — I’m “southerngraves.” I have shared what you see above and more there, and will continue to share more as I uncover interesting images. (Full disclosure: I tweet about genealogy, all sorts of history, and cemeteries / tombstones. Every now and then a nature or book/reading tweet will make it onto the timeline. If we have similar interests, I’ll be happy to follow back.)

Hope to see you there!

Updating Grandpa Charley’s Page

Charley Wilbur Lincecum (1902-1990) was my great-grandfather. This son of Francis Marion Lincecum (1857-1931) and Annie Victoria Gibbs (1871-1934) was the husband of Georgia Ellen “Trig” Hector (1903-1983). Charley was a farmer and business owner who spent his entire life in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.

Charley Wilbur Lincecum Media at Lincecum Lineage

Over the past few days, I’ve added more than 25 media items related to Grandpa Charley. This chiefly includes images, but documents and histories were added as well. You can view it all here.

Other items touched over the last thirty days at the Lincecum Lineage database include the following:

  • Documents pertaining to individuals with the surnames of Adams, Hilton, Lincecum, and Linscomb.
  • Cemetery and headstone images pertaining to individuals with the surnames of Abernathy and Crosby.
  • Histories pertaining to individuals with the surnames of Hilton and Lincecum.
  • Individual pages pertaining to those with the surnames of Lincecum and Lincicome.

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