Which Lincecum is Listed on the Marriage Record for Gideon Berry & Sally Whatley?

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Gideon Berry, son of William Green Berry and Nancy Lincecum, married Sally Whatl(e)y 28 February 1813 in Putnam County, Georgia.  Here is the record image retrieved from FamilySearch.org :

Georgia County Marriages, 1785-1950

In addition to the primary information gleaned from this record regarding Gideon and Sally, I am interested in the Lincecum listed toward the bottom.

Given under my hand at office this 27th of Febuary 1813 —-
for C Pendleton clk

[G?] Lincecum

Here it is again, perhaps a touch bigger:

The Gideon Lincecum and Miriam Bowie family was purported to be in Putnam County, Georgia at this time.  Hezekiah, only remaining son of the couple after the American Revolution, was the “head of household,” since his father had died some years earlier.  (Judy Jacobson’s Alabama & Mississippi Connections* states Hezekiah was in Putnam County about 1806, and specifically states he was on a tax roll for Capt. William Minton’s District of said county in 1813.)

Hezekiah was a sister of Nancy Lincecum Berry, and therefore uncle to Gideon Berry.  Hezekiah and wife Sally Hickman had seven sons.  The only one, in my opinion, who was “of age” at the time of Gideon (Berry) and Sally’s marriage, was Gideon Lincecum II.

An item in the 3 August 1814 Georgia Journal (Milledgeville newspaper) provides Gideon “Linsecum” was tax collector for Putnam County.  Judy Jacobson also notes he married wife Sarah Bryan that same year in Putnam county.

So that name is likely G. Lincecum, right? The problem I have is that particular G (if that’s what it is) is not written like any other G in the document.  Thoughts, anyone?

The Lincecums moved on from Putnam County within a few years of this marriage between Gideon Berry and Sally Whatl(e)y.  Hezekiah, along with his son Gideon, was in Mississippi by 1818.  Even Gideon Berry’s mother, Nancy (Lincecum), went on to Mississippi at some point.  She died there about 1849.

Gideon and Sarah Whatl(e)y Berry moved on from Georgia, as well.Β  They settled in Pickens County, Alabama by 1840.

Visit Gideon Berry’s page at the Lincecum Lineage database.

Visit Sarah Whatley Berry’s page at the Lincecum Lineage database.

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Biographical Outline of Elizabeth O’Banion Lincecum (1829-1899)

A smile hath passed which filled our home with light. A soul whose beauty made that smile so bright.

— epitaph on Elizabeth’s tombstone

Elizabeth Obanon (O’Banion?) / Cleveland was born 20 November 1829, possibly in Georgia, to Mary (maiden name unknown) Obanon Cleveland.  The 1850 Washington County, Texas Federal census suggests Elizabeth was born an Obanon / Obanion.  Mother Mary married J. M. Cleveland about 1844.

Using this record, as well as the 1860 Washington County, Texas Federal census, Elizabeth had brothers named Benjamin and John, and a sister named Martha.  Her half-brothers were William, Joseph, and Leander.  In fact, brother Benjamin (with surname Obanion) was just “two doors down” from Elizabeth Lincecum in 1860.  Separately, the rest of the siblings – at home with Mary – were all listed with the surname Cleveland.

Elizabeth (indexed as a Cleveland) married Lachaon Joseph Lincecum February 1852 in Washington County, Texas.  They went on to have 9 or 10 children:  Lycurgus, George Durham, Mary E., Val Dies, Sallie, Lachaon Joseph Jr., Edna Katherine, Leolia Gideon, Lucullus Garland, and (possibly) Anna.

Elizabeth died 10 July 1899 in Gonzales, Texas.  She was laid to rest at Gonzales Masonic Cemetery, under the tombstone pictured at top.  Photo credit to Cindy S. Munson (2011) via FindAGrave β€“ permission for use granted in her bio.

Individual Facts:

  • Census:  3 October 1850 / Washington County, Texas
  • Census:  12 June 1860 / Long Point, Washington County, Texas
  • Occupation:  September 1870 / Keeping House in Washington County, Texas
  • Census:  28 September 1870 / Burton, Washington County, Texas
  • Occupation:  June 1880 / Keeping House in Williamson County, Texas
  • Census:  3 June 1880 / Williamson County, Texas

Death notice from The Daily Express (San Antonio, Texas) dated 12 July 1899:


Gonzales, Tex., July 11 — Died at her home in Gonzales, Tex., on Monday, July 10, 1899, at 9 p. m., Mrs. L. J. Lincecum, aged 69 years, 7 months and 12 days.  The interment will be held at the Masonic cemetery at 4 o’clock this evening.

Visit Elizabeth O’Banion Lincecum’s page at the Lincecum Lineage database.

Guns and Roses: The Untold Story of Dean O’Banion,
Chicago’s Big Shot Before Al Capone

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Grandpa Was a Poet (And I Didn’t Even Know It)

See what I did there? 😎

Still going through Grandpa B. J. Lincecum’s photos and such, and still discovering things I did not know. For instance, he had a way with words. Especially when it came to rhyming in light poetry.

Most of the examples I found were from the time period of Grandpa’s service in the US Air Force, or afterwards, during the time he was with the Cape Girardeau, Missouri Police Department.

— March 1975, Joe Lincecum

Here are a few examples of Grandpa’s creativity.

A Holiday Thought by TSgt B. J. Lincecum

We hope and pray that “sixty four”
Will bring us all good cheer.
We pray that all the world may be
Relieved of strife and fear.

We all should be quite thankful for
Our rights to come and go,
There’s no “Big Brother” watching us
And no Passports to show.

It’s time to count your blessings,
Giving thanks for one and all.
Remember, many people live
In fear behind a wall.

So as you see the happiness
Around you on this day
Remember those who gave their all
That we could live this way.

Conscience by SSgt B. J. Lincecum

There is an old saying,
“Let your conscience be your guide,”
But you cannot measure conscience,
With a ruler, or a slide.

This proverb, is alright as such,
With one or two big “ifs,”
There’s a difference in the minds of men,
It’s not given as a gift.

It’s a thing that you must cultivate
From childhood to the grave,
Until “right” is such a habit,
You are, your conscience’s slave.

This final one’s a bit of a heavier subject. Seems to have been written about 1978.

Ode to “Pig” by B. J.

Many times, they call us names,
Such things as “Dirty Pig,”
They badger, gripe and criticize
with other verbal digs.

But let an accident occur,
A riot, fight, or brawl
then who they call to break it up
they sure don’t mind at all.

To dial the number 911
and shriek “send the Police,”
Another cop may risk his neck
and just to keep their peace.

Yes “Pig,” some people call us,
So think about it friend
We make the bed we lie in
on this you can depend.

For every person we abuse
With words or overt action
You add another to the group
The ever growing faction.

That group that always call us “Pig”
But wait, do not despair
Each time you hear this put-down
And want to pull your hair,

Ignore that connotation,
Go out and make a friend
Show all you have compassion
And soon you’ll change the trend,

From references of “Dirty Pig,”
kind words you can expect
Be firm, but fair with everyone
Good deeds will bring respect.

Visit Billy Joe Lincecum’s page in the Lincecum Lineage database.

Biographical Outline of Edna Katherine Lincecum Cardwell (1866-1945)

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Edna Katherine Lincecum was born 30 September 1866 in Washington County, Texas to Lachaon Joseph and Elizabeth (O’Banion?) Lincecum. She most often went by “Kate.” I’ve seen her referenced as “Katie” once – in a marriage index which states Katie Lincecum married Willie A. Cardwell 20 January 1892 in Caldwell County, Texas.

The marriage date carries with it a bit of contention, though, since census records suggest Katie and Willie had at least two children prior to that date. I suppose the children could belong to another union. I don’t know at this point. The four children I have ascribed to Kate and William are as follows: Lottie Kate, William E., Percy A., and Thomas A. (also known as “Tom”).

Edna Katherine Cardwell died 1 March 1945 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. She was laid to rest at Mission Burial Park. I have requested a photo of a grave marker via FindAGrave.

Individual Facts:

  • Census:  28 September 1870 / Burton, Washington County, Texas
  • Census:  3 June 1880 / Williamson County, Texas
  • Census:  8 June 1900 / Gonzales, Gonzales County, Texas
  • Census:  19 April 1910 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Residence:  1920-1945 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Census:  5 January 1920 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Census:  14 April 1930 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Residence:  April 1935 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Census:  12 April 1940 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Address:  abt 1945 / 419 Harding Pl., San Antonio, Texas
  • Occupation:  abt 1945 / Housewife at Bexar County, Texas


– Edna’s son Percy A. Cardwell was the informant listed on her death certificate. Cause of death: Generalized Arteriosclerosis with marked secondary anemia.

Visit Edna Katherine Lincecum’s page in the Lincecum Lineage database.

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Ida Lincecum and the Lauderdale Family Cemetery

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On private property in Brenham, Washington County, Texas is an unmarked cemetery.Β  At one time, “most of the people who have lived in the area for many years” indicated the only identifiable grave in the cemetery was that of Col. Samuel D. Lauderdale.Β  Col. Lauderdale and his wife Sarah Hawkins were the parents of Edna Caroline Lauderdale.

Edna marriedΒ Lucullus Garland LincecumΒ about 1853 in Washington County, Texas.Β  The couple had at least five children, including a girl namedΒ Ida.Β  She was born about 1861, but was gone by the 1870 census.

Research conducted by members of the Washington County Genealogical Society of Brenham, Texas, suggests Ida could have been laid to rest in the Lauderdale Family Cemetery.Β  But little girl Ida hopefully would not have lain there alone.Β  It’s possible her mother and grandfather rest nearby.

For a more thorough report of the Samuel Lauderdale family and a listing of other possible burials in the cemetery, visit the Washington County Genealogical Society atΒ bluebonnetgenealogy.org.

Visit Ida Lincecum’s page in the Lincecum Lineage database.

History of the Lauderdales in America: 1714-1850
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Is Travis Haywood Lincecum the Same as Haywood H. Lincecum?

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Inquiring minds want to know. It seems the two are one, but please tell me your thoughts. I would especially appreciate a share if you believe there is conclusive proof one way or the other.

Travis Haywood Lincecum is named a child of Grabel and Wilmoth Lincecum in Grabel’s 1836 last will and testament made in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. Much of the time, I find an individual presumed to be this son simply with the name of Haywood Lincecum. Then, at times, he is found as Haywood H. Here is a list of names come across in research, thinking Travis Haywood and Haywood H. are one in the same:

  • Haiwood H. Lincecum
  • Hayward Linsecum
  • Haywood Lincecum
  • Haywood H. Lincecum
  • Haywood Howard Lincecum
  • Haywood T. Lincecum
  • Heyward Lincecum
  • Travis Haywood Lincecum

By self [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsHaywood was born between 1824 and 1826 in either Alabama or Mississippi.  I lean toward Mississippi, though his father, uncles, and grandfather did stay for a bit in Alabama before settling in Mississippi.  Judy Jacobson’s Alabama and Mississippi Connections provides the following:

According to Old Tuskaloosa Land Office Records, on September 5, 1822, a “Gravel” Lincecum of Monroe County, Mississippi was awarded land in Sec 26 T 16 R 17 W…The only other land granted to a Lincecum by the Tuscaloosa land office was given to “Grabel” Lincecum on December 11, 1822.  That property was described as Sec 26 T 16 R 17 W in Monroe County.

Haywood married three times. First, to Mary Ann Brown, 3 January 1850 at Noxubee County, Mississippi. This union resulted in a son, Olympus. Next, H. H. Lincecum married Mary E., formerly the wife of a Mr. Perkins, 21 February 1869 at Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. This union resulted in a daughter, Otelia. Lastly, Hayward Linsecum married Elizabeth “Betsy” McIlwain/e, 21 January 1873 at Noxubee County. This union resulted in a son, Orono Brooks.

H. H. Lincecum has a tombstone at Soule Chapel Cemetery in Macon, Noxubee County, Mississippi. The birth date inscribed is 20 February 1824, and the death date is 9 April 1900.

Individual Facts:

  • Census:  1840 / Noxubee County, Mississippi – Mrs. W. Lincecum household
  • Occupation:  November 1850 / Farmer in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi
  • Residence:  9 November 1850 / Oktibbeha County
  • Occupation:  July 1860 / Farming in Oktibbeha County
  • Census:  18 July 1860 / Starkville, Oktibbeha County
  • Occupation:  August 1870 / Farmer in Oktibbeha County
  • Census:  16 August 1870 / Oktibbeha County
  • Occupation:  1880 / Miller in Oktibbeha County
  • Census:  1880 / Oktibbeha County


– Haywood was a veteran of the Mexican War. [Judy Jacobson, Alabama & Mississippi Connections: Historical & Biographical Sketches of Families Who Settled on Both Sides of the Tombigbee River.] — According to his pension card, Haywood H. fought with “Armstrongs & Evans, Texas Rangers.” [United States Mexican War Pension Index, 1887-1926 at FamilySearch.org]

– According to a 1900 Macon Beacon, Heyward [sic] Lincecum, age 75 and a Mexican War veteran, died on April 9, 1900 leaving a son Brooks Lincecum and a sister Mrs. J. B. Cole. Ducianna Amanda Lincecum, also a named child in Grabel Lincecum’s will, married Josiah B. Cole 23 April 1854 in Noxubee County, Mississippi.

Visit Haywood Lincecum’s page in the Lincecum Lineage database.

Short Last Will & Testament of Grabel Lincecum

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grabellincecum1836willIn the name of God Amen, I, Grabel Lincecum of the county of Oktibbeha and state of Mississippi being mindful of my mortality do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit) I give and bequeath to my wife Wilmoth Lincecum all my property real & personal during her natural life or widowhood though in case of marriage then and in that case I wish all of my property equally divided between my several children.  To wit) Travis Haywood Lincecum Bartly Case Lincecum Elizabeth Lincecum Willmoth M. Lincecum Ducianna Amanda and Grabel E. Lincecum.  I wish my wife to have the entire controle [sic] of my property I wish no Administrator.  I want the money due me to go to the payment of my debts and the residue to go to the support of my family or used as my wife may think proper

Given under my hand & seal this the 9th day of Nov 1836
Grabel Lincecum
Willmoth Lincecum

I. P. Thompson
Josiah Watkins
Wm. H. Anderson
Wm. C. Shaw

*Will admitted to probate by judge and witness 1st May 1837 in Noxubee County, Miss.  “Recorded the 19th day of April 1838 in Record of wills (A) page 13…”

*Wilmoth, widow of Grabel, would go on to marry James P. Haynes in 1842.

Visit Grabel Lincecum’s page in the Lincecum Lineage database.

The Ins and Outs of Probate for Genealogists: Research Guide
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Timeline Report for Fernandella Lincecum Roberts (1840-1933)

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By Reading Associate 17 (own work), via Wikimedia Commons.Fernandella “Della” Lincecum Roberts lived to the age of 93 years, and surely saw a lot in those 9+ decades on earth.  Della’s father, Garland Lincecum, was one of those who signed a petition to create Caldwell County, Texas.  Della lost her father at age 13, was married and had her first child by 18.  She would have her last child at age 45.  Della spent most of her life in the same Caldwell county, and was buried in a cemetery on land originally owned by her father.  (Courthouse image at right.)

Slavery was normal until she was 22.  She couldn’t vote until she was 79.

Pattern:  Year / Age – Event – Date / Place

1840 – Fernandella Brazoria Lincecum was born – 3 July at Lowndes County, Mississippi

1846 / Age 5 – Garland moved his family and settled at what would later be Caldwell County, Texas

1846 / Age 5 – Mexican-American War – 1846-1848 / USA, Mexico

1848 – California Gold Rush – 1848-1855

1850 / Age 10 – Della was enumerated for the 7th United States Federal census – 9 November at Caldwell County

1852 – First Lone State State Fair – May / Corpus Christi, Texas

1853 / Age 12 – Crimean War – 1853-1856

1853 / Age 13 – Della’s father, Garland R. Lincecum, died – 9 September at Lockhart, Caldwell County

1857 / Age 17 – Della married John C. Roberts – 9 August at Caldwell County

1858 / Age 17 – Della gave birth to son Jacob – 26 June at Caldwell County

1860 / Age 19 – Della was enumerated for the 8th United States Federal census – 20 June at Caldwell County

abt 1861 / Age 20 – Della gave birth to son Alexander

1861 / Age 20 – American Civil War – 1861-1865 / USA

1862 / Age 22 – Emancipation Proclamation – 22 September / USA

1863 / Age 22 – US Transcontinental Railroad – 1863-1869 / USA

1864 / Age 23 – Della gave birth to son Daniel Brazos – 7 April 1864 at Dale, Caldwell County, Texas

1865 / Age 24 – Assassination of US President Abraham Lincoln – 14 April 1865 / Washington, DC

1866 – Beginning of the era of Texas trail drives of cattle

abt 1867 / Age 26 – Della gave birth to daughter Louada

1869 / Age 26 – Suez Canal – Egypt

1872 / Age 31 – Della gave birth to son James T. – 11 February at Dale, Caldwell County, Texas

1873 – Buffalo Soldiers first posted in Texas

1876 / Age 36 – Della gave birth to son John B. J. – 13 October / Texas

1878 / Age 38 – Della watched her first son get married – 24 October at Caldwell County

1880 / Age 39 – Della was enumerated for the 10th United States Federal census – 12 June at Caldwell County

1886 / Age 45 – Della gave birth to her son Sullivan Ross – 13 January / Texas

1889 / Age 49 – Della’s mother, Emmaline R. Jones Lincecum, died – 7 July at Caldwell County

abt 1893 / Age 52 – Della watched her son Daniel get married

abt 1894 / Age 53 – Della watched her son James T. get married

1897 / Age 57 – Della watched her son Alexander get married – 27 October at Caldwell County

1898 / Age 57 – Spanish-American War – April thru August / USA, Cuba

1900 / Age 59 – Della was enumerated for the 12th United States Federal census – 8 June at Caldwell County

1900 – “Great Hurricane” kills 6,000 – 8 September / Galveston, Texas

1901 – Large discovery of oil in Texas – 10 January / Beaumont, Texas

1901 / Age 61 – Assassination of US President William McKinley – 6 September at Buffalo, New York

1903 / Age 63 – Wright Brothers First Flight – 17 September at Kitty Hawk, Dare County, North Carolina

1908 / Age 68 – Ford Model T Manufactured – 1908-1927 / Detroit, Michigan

1910 / Age 69 – Della was enumerated for the 13th United States Federal census – 10 May 1910 at Caldwell County, Texas

1912 / Age 71 – Titanic Disaster – April / Atlantic Ocean

1914 / Age 73 – World War I – 1914-1918 / Europe

1919 – Prohibition begins in Texas

1919 / Age 78 – Della’s husband of 61 years, John Roberts, died – 25 March at Caldwell County, Texas

1920 / Age 79 – Women in the United States receive the right to vote

1920 / Age 79 – Della was enumerated for the 14th United States Federal census – 2 January at Wilson County, Texas

1924 – First woman governor elected in Texas

1925 / Age 84 – Della’s son John B. J. died – 23 January

1929 / Age 88 – The Great Depression – 1929 until her death / USA and Europe

1930 / Age 89 – The Holocaust – 1930 until her death / Eastern Europe

1930 / Age 89 – Della was enumerated for the 15th United States Federal census – 9 April at San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

1931 / Age 90 – The Dust Bowl – 1931 until her death / Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

1933 / Age 93 – Fernandella Lincecum Roberts died – 9 September at San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.  She was laid to rest in Lincecum-Roberts Cemetery at Lockhart, Caldwell County.

Visit Fernandella Lincecum Roberts’s page in the Lincecum Lineage database.

Texas Historical Markers: Caldwell County: Lockhart, Luling, Martindale
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Biographical Outline of Fernandella Brazoria Lincecum Roberts (1840-1933)

[Originally posted on previous platform July 2016.]

Fernandella “Della” Brazoria Lincecum was born 3 July 1840 in Lowndes County, Mississippi to Garland R. Lincecum and Emmaline Jones. By the time Della was six years old, Garland had moved his family to Caldwell County, Texas. This is where she would marry John C. Roberts, son of Alexander and Sabra, on 9 August 1857.

Della and John would eventually have seven children, 6 boys and 1 girl:  Jacob Garland, Alexander, Daniel Brazos, Louada, James T., John B. J., and Sullivan Ross. At least two of her sons would have her listed on their death certificates as Della Linscomb.

Fernandella Lincecum Roberts died at the age of 93 years on 9 September 1933 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.  She was laid to rest in Lincecum-Roberts Cemetery, the sacred land first owned by her father, in Caldwell County.  50+ years went by without a tombstone to mark Della’s grave.  Roberts descendants got together and gave her one some time around 1985.  An image of this granite marker is available on FindAGrave.

Individual Facts:

  • Residence:  1846 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Census:  9 November 1850 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Census:  20 June 1860 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Occupation:  June 1880 / Keeping House in Caldwell County
  • Census:  12 June 1880 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Census:  8 June 1900 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Census:  10 May 1910 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Residence:  April 1919 / Dale, Caldwell County, Texas
  • Census:  2 January 1920 / Wilson County, Texas
  • Census:  9 April 1930 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Address:  September 1933 / 319 Stieren St., San Antonio, Texas


  • From Mrs. Della Roberts’ “Widow’s Application for a [Confederate] Pension” — “I am the widow of J. C. Roberts, deceased, who departed this life on the 25th day of March, A.D. 1919, in the county of Caldwell in the State of Texas.”

    “I was married to him on the 9th day of August, A.D. 1857, in the county of Caldwell in the State of Texas.”

    The “Mortuary Warrant” application for the government to cover burial expenses (image at right) submitted by Della’s son S. R. Roberts provides a physician report: “Fractured Right hip, Senility, Arteriosclerosis, & Chronic Myocarditis.”

    *Digital images of Della’s eight-page Confederate widow’s application are available online in the Alabama, Texas and Virginia Confederate Pensions, 1884-1958 database at Ancestry.

  • From death certificate:
    Cause of death = Fracture of Rt hip (10 mo ago)
    Contributory = Senility & Myocardial failure
    [Regarding hip fracture] Accident; injury date 9 Nov 1932 at San Antonio (home). “Pt. fell & fractured Rt. hip.”

Visit Fernandella Brazoria Lincecum’s page in the Lincecum Lineage database.

The Family Saga: A Collection of Texas Family Legends

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Biographical Outline of Daisy Lincecum Tamplin (1865-1958)

[Originally posted on previous platform July 2016.]

Daisy Lincecum was born 25 August 1865 in Long Point, Washington County, Texas to Lysander Rezin Lincecum and Margaret “Maggie” Wood.

Daisy married Robert Tamplin 27 November 1888 in Washington County, and they had at least four children.  Three sons were Lloyd Tamplin, Robert H. Tamplin, and Roy Davis Tamplin.  Daisy was widowed by 1900, but did not marry again.

Daisy died 2 April 1958 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina.  Her body was cremated by Bowman-Gray School of Medicine (NC).

Individual Facts:

  • Census:  25 June 1880 at Washington County, Texas
  • Occupation:  June 1900 / House Keeper in Gonzales, Texas
  • Census:  27 June 1900 at Gonzales, Texas
  • Address:  1903 / 303 E. 7th, Austin, Texas
  • Occupation:  1903 / Machine Hand at Bosche’s Troy Laundry, Travis County, Texas
  • Address:  1910 / 204 Av. D, San Antonio, Texas
  • Census:  23 April 1910 at San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Address:  1919 / 122 Rusk, San Antonio, Texas
  • Census:  2 January 1920 at San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Address:  1921-1922 / 122 Rusk, San Antonio, Texas
  • Address:  1924 / 122 Rusk, San Antonio, Texas
  • Address:  1926 / 122 Rusk, San Antonio, Texas
  • Census:  5 April 1930 at San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Address:  April 1930 / 306 North Street, San Antonio, Texas
  • Residence:  December 1932 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Address:  abt December 1932 / 306 North Street, San Antonio, Texas
  • Residence:  April 1935 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Address:  1940 / 869 West Fifth Street, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Census:  1940 at Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina
  • Residence:  abt 1958 / Lewisville, Forsyth County, North Carolina

It looks as though Daisy spent at least 25 – 30 years living in San Antonio.  Using Google Maps, and the addresses of 204 Av. D and 306 North Street, I figure Daisy was in the present-day place of Converse, Texas.  This is like a suburb of San Antonio.  Here is an image of what the area of 306 North Street looked like April 2011.


  • According to the 1900 Gonzales County, Texas Federal census, Daisy (already widowed) was staying with her uncle, L. J. Lincecum.
  • According to the 1910 Bexar County, Texas Federal census, Daisy had four children.  Three were living.
  • Daisy was the informant on her son Robert’s death certificate.  She was living with Robert at the time of his death.
  • According to the 1940 Forsyth County, North Carolina Federal census, Daisy had 7 years of education.
  • Per her death certificate, Daisy passed away at Maplegrove Rest Home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Visit Daisy Lincecum Tamplin’s page in the Lincecum Lineage database.