Timeline Report for Addison Lysander Lincecum (1874-1965)

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draddisonllincecum1911Addison witnessed much during his lifetime:  6 wars, the assassinations of 2 U.S. presidents, the Wright Brothers’ 1st flight, the 1st manufacturing of the Ford Model T, the sinking of the Titanic, women’s suffrage in the U.S., the Great Depression, the Holocaust, the Dust Bowl, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the nuclear bombings in Japan, and the Civil Rights Movement.

His most eventful years were perhaps 1900-1903, ages 26-29.  Addison lost his father and helped Letha give birth to their 1st child about August 1900.  He officially became a doctor a couple of years later, and was part of the 1st graduating class of Baylor University.  Letha gave birth to daughter Ruth about this time, as well.

Image at right from The Houston Post (Texas), Vol. 27, Ed. 1 Sunday, 21 May 1911.  Accessed 3 July 2016, University of North Texas Libraries, “The Portal to Texas History,” texashistory.unt.edu .

Pattern:  Year / Age – Event – Date / Place

1874 – Addison Lysander Lincecum was born – 8 April at Long Point, Washington County, Texas

1880 / Age 6 – Addison was enumerated for the 10th United States census – 2 June at Lampasas, Texas

1897 / Age 23 – Addison married Letha Elizabeth Gandy – 24 October at Lavaca County, Texas

1898 / Age 24 – Addison witnessed the Spanish-American War – April thru August / USA, Cuba

1900 / Age 26 – Addison was enumerated for the 12th United States census – 23 June at Jackson, Texas

1900 / Age 26 – Addison’s father, L. G. Lincecum, died – abt August / Lampasas, Texas

1900 / Age 26 – Letha gave birth to Addison’s first child, a son, Barnabas Gandy Lincecum – 29 August at Lavaca County, Texas

1901 / Age 27 – President William McKinley was assassinated – 6 September at Buffalo, New York

1902 / Age 28 – Addison graduated from Dallas Medical College – 15 April at Dallas, Texas

1903 / Age 28 – Addison was part of the 1st graduating class of Baylor University – Waco, Texas

1903 / Age 29 – Letha gave birth to Addison’s first daughter, Ruth Elizabeth Lincecum – 28 August at Morales, Jackson County, Texas

1903 / Age 29 – Wright Brothers took their 1st flight – 17 September at Kitty Hawk, Dare County, North Carolina

1908 / Age 34 – the Ford Model T was 1st manufactured – September / Detroit, Michigan

1910 / Age 36 – Addison was enumerated for the 13th United States census – 28 April at El Campo, Wharton County, Texas

1912 / Age 38 – the Titanic sank – April / Atlantic Ocean

1913 / Age 38 – Letha gave birth to Addison’s 2nd son, Addison Turney Lincecum – 19 February at Long Point, Washington County, Texas

1914 / Age 39 – Addison became Assistant (Texas State) Health Officer – Austin, Travis County, Texas

1914 / Age 40 – Addison participated in World War I – Europe

1920 / Age 45 – women received the right to vote – USA

1920 / Age 45 – Addison was enumerated for the 14th United States census – 21 January at El Campo, Wharton County, Texas

1929 / Age 54 – stock market crash and Great Depression – USA, Europe

1930 / Age 55 – the Holocaust – Eastern Europe

1930 / Age 56 – Addison was enumerated for the 15th United States census – 19 April at El Campo, Wharton County, Texas

1931 / Age 56 – the Dust Bowl – Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

1936/ Age 61 – Addison was appointed U.S. Postmaster – El Campo, Wharton County, Texas

1939 / Age 65 – World War II – Europe, the Pacific

1940/ Age 66 – Addison was enumerated for the 16th United States census – 24 June at El Campo, Wharton County, Texas

1941 / Age 67 – Pearl Harbor was attacked – 7 December at Honolulu, Hawaii

1945 / Age 71 – Hiroshima & Nagasaki Nuclear bombings – August / Japan

1947 / Age 72 – Cold War

1950 / Age 76 – Korean War

1955 / Age 80 – the Civil Rights Movement – USA

1959 / Age 85 – Vietnam War

1959 / Age 85 – Letha, Addison’s wife of 62 years, died – 27 December at El Campo, Wharton County, Texas

1963 / Age 89 – John F. Kennedy was assassinated – 22 November at Dallas, Texas

1965 / Age 91 – Addison Lysander Lincecum died – 6 December at Lavaca County, Texas

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Updating Grandpa Charley’s Page

Charley Wilbur Lincecum (1902-1990) was my great-grandfather. This son of Francis Marion Lincecum (1857-1931) and Annie Victoria Gibbs (1871-1934) was the husband of Georgia Ellen “Trig” Hector (1903-1983). Charley was a farmer and business owner who spent his entire life in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.

Charley Wilbur Lincecum Media at Lincecum Lineage

Over the past few days, I’ve added more than 25 media items related to Grandpa Charley. This chiefly includes images, but documents and histories were added as well. You can view it all here.

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  • Histories pertaining to individuals with the surnames of Hilton and Lincecum.
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Ruth Elizabeth Lincecum: Thrice Married, Thrice Widowed

She begged him to stop flying, but he only laughed at her fears.

Ruth Elizabeth Lincecum was born 28 August 1903 at Morales, Jackson County, Texas. She was one of three children born to Dr. Addison Lysander Lincecum (1874-1965) and Letha Gandy (1873-1959). At the age of nineteen, Ruth married her first husband. He was Albert Ray Hilton, son of Wade H. Hilton, Jr. (1879-1959) and Lillie Bell Johnson (1880-1970). Ruth and Albert were married 23 December 1922 at Harris County, Texas.

Sharp-Hughes Tool Company – Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library, Public Domain

Albert was firstly a chemist and metallurgist, at one time connected with the Hughes Tool Company (est. 1908 as Sharp-Hughes Tool Company). By the end of 1930, he and Ruth had three children: Dorothy Ray (d. 2001), Addison Hampton (d. 2004), and Albert Jr. (d. 2018).

In the summer of 1950, Ruth’s first marriage came to a fiery end when Albert died in a plane crash.

Valley Morning Star (Harlingen, Texas) – 11 August 1950

Another news article published the same day in the Gladewater Daily Mirror (Texas) said Mrs. Hilton “had been begging him to stop flying, but that he only laughed at her fears.”

But her fears seem to have been well-founded. A few years prior, Albert was piloting a plane and had to make a crash landing after his aircraft had engine trouble. “Burned in aeroplane accident” was Albert’s official cause of death.

Three years and five months after Albert’s death, Ruth married again. On 15 January 1954, she wed Travis Audley Crosby. He was born 16 March 1901 at Ennis, Ellis County, Texas, a son of Audley C. Crosby and Etta Brown.

Less than six weeks before their 11th wedding anniversary, the character of death dealt Ruth a double blow. On 6 December 1965, she lost both her father Addison and second husband Travis. The following sentence was found in an obituary for her father published in the 7 December 1965 Dallas Morning News (Texas):

Moments after his daughter, Mrs. Ruth Crosby, a want ads employee for the Houston Post, learned of [her father’s] death at his isolated ranch near El Campo, her husband, certified public accountant T. A. Crosby, 64, suffered a fatal heart attack.

Enhanced image. Original by Sue (2014) via FindAGrave. Permission for use granted in bio.

Finally, Ruth was married to Archie Robert “Bob” Trussell. He, a salesman for General Electric Co., was born 25 September 1900 to Andrew Jackson Trussell and Catherine Joel.

I don’t know how long Bob and Ruth were married, but I do know she was widowed again when he died on 24 April 1979. Cardiac arrest was the cause of his death.

Ruth E. Trussell died 16 May 1982 at Houston, Harris County, Texas. Her obituary noted she was “past president of A&M’s University Mother’s Club,” and also “a member of the Jefferson Davis Daughters of Confederacy.” She was laid to rest next to her third husband in Pleasant Grove Cemetery #1 at Decatur, Wise County, Texas.

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