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Yesterday I shared the last will and testament of my 5th great-grandfather, Rev. Benjamin Thompson (d. 1853). He was born between 1765 and 1769 in North Carolina, son of Closs Thompson (d. abt 1800) and Jane Jones.

Benjamin married Mary, daughter of Jacob Foster, on 29 September 1797 in Campbell County, Kentucky. Several of Benjamin’s and Mary’s children were born in Kentucky, but the family was in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri by the early 1800s.

Benjamin became a member of the Baptist clergy in 1822 and became pastor of Bethel Church near Jackson, MO in 1826. He preached there until his death 27 years later.

Children of Benjamin and Mary Thompson:

  • Elizabeth Thompson (d. abt 1881) m. (1) Henry Devore; (2) Charles ?
  • Rebecca Thompson (d. bef. 1853) m. Joseph Franks
  • Mary Thompson (d. bef. 1853) m. John Strong
  • Jane Thompson (b. abt 1804) m. Samuel Patterson
  • Lucinda Thompson (b. abt 1812) m. Harmon B. Lincecum
  • Samuel Thompson (b. abt 1808) m. (1) Amanda Jane Crump; (2) Diadama ?
  • Benjamin Wilson Thompson (b. abt 1817) m. Marthew “Martha” Wilkenson
  • Celia Thompson (b. abt 1818) m. James H. Crump
  • Henry Lee Thompson (1820-1903) m. (1) Rebecca Wilkerson; (2) Hannah Deck
  • Sarena Irene Thompson (d. bef. 1836) m. Joel Kinder

Following copied from minutes of Bethel Church, 11 Feb 1854. Copyright The Primitive Baptist Library. [via FamilySearch Family Tree; entry for Benjamin W. Thompson, 1769-1853:

Departed this life the 31st day of December, 1853, Elder Benjamin Thompson, aged eighty years. He joined the Regular Baptist Church called Bethel near Jackson, in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, on February 8, A. D. 1812, and was licensed to preach the gospel on June 8, A. D. 1822, and was ordained a minister of the Gospel, March 12, A. D. 1825; and September 9, A. D. 1826, was chosen pastor of said church, and remained pastor until the day of his death. Elder Thompson as a preacher was sound in the faith that was delivered to the saints. His life was an example to all people that knew him. When at home he was engaged in working on his farm at peace with all his neighbors, and when out preaching the word, he freely gave it, for as much as it was given to him freely, so he made the Gospel without a charge. Believing with all his heart that it was his duty to preach wherever his mind led him, if any opportunity served, and so he did, all the time, till his age and weakness became so that he had to stay at his own dwelling, where he was kindly waited on until the messenger of death was prepared to separate his spirit from his body. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, yea, saith the Spirit, for they shall rest from their labour, and their works do follow them. He left a wife and one son and grandson on the farm, and other children scattered about with many brethren and neighbors and friends to mourn his loss.

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Last Will and Testament of Rev. Benjamin Thompson (d. 1853)

Benjamin Thompson was my 5th great-grandfather. His daughter Lucinda married Harmon B. Lincecum on 6 July 1825 in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.

Benjamin’s will was dated 15 December 1853, just sixteen days before his death.

In the name of God, Amen, I, Benjamin Thompson of Cape Girardeau County, and State of Missouri, being frail and weak of body, but sound of mind, for which I thank God, and knowing the uncertainty of life, and anxious to arrainge [sic] my Temporal affairs, and dispose of such substances, as it has pleased God to bless me with, do make and ordain this as my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all others.

After my funeral expenses are paid and all other debts I owe, my property to be distributed as follows:

First – I will and bequeath to my youngest son, Henry Lee Thompson, his heirs and assigns forever, the following described real Estate (to wit) The land and plantation on which I now live, it being the west half of four hundred arpens [sic] of Land which were granted to one Jacob Foster, under the Spanish Government; also the North East fractional quarter of the Northwest fractional quarter of fractional Section No. Nine in Township No. thirty North, of Range No. twelve East, containing thirty two and forty six hundredths acres, entered at the Land office at Jackson Missouri and in my name on the twenty fourth day of February Eighteen and forty.

Second – I also will and bequeath to my said Son Henry Lee Thompson, his heirs and assigns, two horses, two cows (if I have so many at my death) all my [Sloughs,?] hoes, mallocks, axes, Gears &c, and all and every article of Farming utensils of all kinds that I may own at my death. Also one yoke of oxen and all grain of every description & vegetables, that may be on said farm and land aforesaid, whether gathered or growing or in whatsoever state the same may be in, Also all money that may be due me, whether by bond, bill, note, account or otherwise; Also all that I may have on hand at the time of my death – also my rifle gun – also two bee stands, and all the Poultry of all kinds.

Third – To the Children of my deceased Daughter Rebecca Franks, married to Joseph Franks I will and bequeath one dollar.

Fourth – To the Children of my deceased Daughter Mary Strong, and to the Children of my deceased daughter Serena Kinder, and to my Daughter Elizabeth married to Henry Davore, and to my Daughter Jane married to Samuel Patterson, my Daughter Lucinda married to Harmon Lincecum and to my Daughter Celia married to James Crump, to be divided equally between them, share and share alike, the said Children of my deceased taking but one share each, equal to the share of the living Daughters,

Fifth – I will and bequeath all my household and kitchen Furniture, including beds, bedding and every thing else that is commonly embraced in the Terms household & kitchen furniture and if the same cannot be divided by said Daughters among themselves, the same to be sold, and the money arising from the sale thereof to be divided equally between them.

Sixth – all horses, cattle and other live stock that may be left after my said son Henry Lee Shall have received his Legacy as before stated, I will and bequeath to my son Samuel Thompson the sum of one dollar; I also will and bequeath to my son Benjamin W. Thompson one dollar.

Seventh In event my beloved Wife Mary Thompson survives me, it is my will that the whole of the aforesaid property be charged with her support, that none of the same be divided til her death (unless may said wife choose to relinquish & give up the same, or any part thereof to be divided at my death and that she use, occupy and enjoy the same in whole or part as she may deem necessary for her support during her life, and at her death to be distributed as is before provided in this my will,

I furthermore choose the Legacy of my son Henry Lee, and the expenses of my last sickness, and funeral expenses, to be paid by him and of the same, and lastly I do here by nominate and appoint my three sons aforesaid, the Samuel Thompson, Benjamin Wilson Thompson, and Henry Lee Thompson, Executors of this my last will and Testament.

In [___ness?] of this being my last will and Testament I have hereunto set my hand and affixing my seal this the fifteenth day of December in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and fifty three

[Signed] Benjamin Thompson [by his mark of x]

Witnesses – Isaac S. Williams, Eli Kinder

— From Missouri, U.S. Wills and Probate Records, 1766-1988 via Ancestry

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